item121Thanks to the Internet, camera enthusiasts and professionals alike, can research new gear before they ever even get their hands on it.  Many photographers who are in need of a or want to try a new product out, can search the web for reviews and product demonstrations.  Many times there are a wide variety of product reviews created by people of varying skill sets, from novice to professional.  Generally it should be pretty easy to find a review that is geared to someone on your skill level and answers all of the questions you might have about the product or how to acquire it.  If you are curious to know if a tripod is as easy to set up as their commercial demonstrates, then watch an unboxing review on Youtube, to find out just how easy it is to take the tripod from its’ packaging to being fully set up.   If you are stuck on deciding between to seemingly similar products, you can search to see if there is shootout style review where the products are pitted against each other to compare their respective similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses.  Another benefit of Internet based reviews of products, is that examples of the product’s work can be seen.  For example if you are comparing two lenses, you can have them on the same settings and shoot the same photo to see what they look like compared to each other.  Although many insights can be gained from researching on the Internet, the best possible way to decide if you like a lens is to actually try it out.

How can I do this without buying the lens outright?  Chances are you don’t have a friend or colleague that has the specific lens you are looking for, so you can’t get it from them.  Blogger Local Photographer recommends trying out an online lens rental company.  It is an affordable and simple solution to help you get the hands on experience you need to decide if a lens is right for you.  Whether you are a Kansas City nature photographer or a Kansas City editorial photographer, lenses are one of the simplest ways to dramatically change the perspective of a photograph even if the context of the scene or moment remains exactly the same.  Having a variety of lens to choose from also increases the likely hood that you are equipped to handle the demands of the subject matter regardless of dynamic circumstances.

In Kansas City we’ve found quality lens rental company with affordable pricing and a fantastic selection. is operated out of Overland Park, Kansas and services clients all across the nation.  I’ve personally used them on two different occasions and I’ve been impressed both times.  The lens I’ve rented have been in perfect condition/ working order  and were available as promised.  The staff is knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you may have.  Although the company has many national competitors, it beats the competition on price for Kansas City photographers because you can pick the lens up in person and avoid paying shipping costs which can range anywhere from $10-$100 depending on the value of the lens you are shipping and the destination it has to go to.  That alone helps them destroy the competitions price, let alone that they have competitive rental rates to begin with.

Besides providing the opportunity to try lenses out, Rent Glass also can help afford people opportunities to get paid jobs that they may have otherwise not been able to get without the gear.  Anyone that has searched Craigslist or other similar platforms has undoubtedly seen jobs for freelance photographers that specify exactly what lens or camera body the job requires.  I’m sure many of you have turned down gigs because of your lack of possessing the necessary gear.  Instead of turning down a gig next time, consider calling the folks at to see if they have the gear your gig requires in stock.  Besides lens, the online retailer also has camera bodies and other accessories.  Renting lens and gear is a great way to gain more experience and turn down less job opportunities.  The best part about renting lens is that you can build the rental cost into your price quote and it will essentially cost you nothing out of pocket, while earning you more money to maybe someday buy the gear you are renting today.

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