1533882_168435823365949_200302168_nThe transformative nature of photography allows for creativity to flourish.  A well shot photo can convey many emotions and can have many subjective interpretations depending on who views it.  A provocative image created through fantastic lighting or imaginative perspective can always help a brand or business to engage their potential customers.  Whether a brand is trying to create memorable advertising or they are trying to populate their newly created website with quality content, businesses are likely to turn to a portrait photographer for help.  Portrait photographers are a dependable way for businesses to help themselves create an impressive brand aesthetic, while optimally showcasing their facilities, products, services or employees, to potential customers.  The power of portrait photography lies in its potential to take an intimate look at a person and their context.  This a powerful concept for businesses that are selling a product that is personal in nature or they are selling a personally transformative service for their customers.  Take for instance a gym.  All gyms have free weights and machines, but each gym has a different set of trainers with different stories, all of who are trying to help people transform themselves. Recently businesses have been turning to Kansas City portrait photographer Matthew Anderson to help them highlight the best of what their brand has to offer.  Blogger Local caught up with the busy portrait photographer, to find out about what he’s been up to lately.

“As a kid I had always been fascinated with photography.” -Matthew Anderson

999793_168435550032643_1770910724_nWhen speaking with the Kansas City portrait photographer, we learned that he is highly passionate about working with individuals.  Matthew prefers to work in intimate settings but strives to keep his photos feeling natural and not forced or contrived.  Anderson works hard to avoid creating photos that have a posed feel to them.  He prefers candid photos where the subject is not looking directly into the camera.  Matthew recalled to us his longtime interest in photography.  “As a kid I had always been fascinated with photography.”  Matthew has been crafting photos since the days of 35mm filmed based SLR cameras.  Recently Anderson has worked with a handful of local area Crossfits to help them develop an insightful look into the professional trainers their potential customers will have the opportunity to work with.  The photo sets are incredibly well lit and feature an intense feel that pairs well with the subject matter.   Matt told us that one of his favorite aspects of portrait photography is working with subjects who haven’t been photographed before.  He said he loves the potential for how he can transform their perception of themselves.  In many cases his subjects can’t believe that they are seeing themselves in Matthew’s photos.

To find out more about getting yourself or your business set up with Matthew Anderson, give him a call at (913) 915-1349 or visit his website at www.lowgearphoto.com

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