As young children we adore our parents’, well everything. Whatever they have we want and we want to be just like them. It is always so rewarding when we can achieve such dreams and no only become them, but much much more. Ashlee’s fascination with photography began at an early age, when she, started filming in high school with her fathers’ old-school Minolta. As her passion for the art of photography grew she began to take classes and experiment with different camera’s and styles, after quickly purchasing a 35mm Canon EOS. Now working as a Landscape Photographer in Kansas City Miss Ashlee could not be any happier sharing her talents.

Photography has a way of being able to capture beautiful moments with just the touch of a button. How far we have come is dumbfounding, but through this technology we are able to immortalize moments and emotions in an expressive and artistic way that is now easy to store and take everywhere we go. Ashlee Dominique is a very skilled photographer that enjoys undefined photography the most. She truly enjoys the self-expression photography can provide, one photo can mean something different to so many different people and it is the beauty of this that motivates her.

“I love how expressive photography can be and is, and I love how it delivers therapeutic energy to the soul. I have always found myself to get lost, totally immersed into creating designs from the rarely and unseen. I have no time for pain, misery or defeat… I am too busy drawing memories with life’s stories. It could be described as a light flashing on and a trigger of creative endorphines released within my cerebral membrane; I truly enjoy capturing an awing image that spawns memories of fondness and warmth” -Ashlee Dominique

(c) Center of Attention copyHer photographs range from portraits to landscape, and she is able to capture true inner beauty in every image., she enjoys these types of photos because they are able to provide the space and solace one needs to truly express what they have before them. Although she thoroughly enjoys the speed and photographic motion of photographing people, the beauty and peacefulness of shooting nature and landscapes really gives her peace of mind and a soothing feeling that can only be felt when holding a camera that will capture a moment that will never again be the same.

As she establishes a solid footing in the world of Digital photography, she continues to work in other areas in which she thrives, and takes pride in shooting the rare and unseen. Her art is truly beautiful and the moments she has been able to capture through her lenses are worth the wait.

For more information on how her art and to book her for a shoot, you can contact Ashlee at and to look at her previous work, you can view her portfolio at

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