Author: Flavia Santibañez

As an artist at heart, you’re at your happiest wen you’re showcasing your talents, and for a few that dream becomes their full time job, their day to day, Justine is one of the lucky ones, one that gets to doesn’t work to thrive, but thrives through her passion.

Justine is a one a few top professional maternity photographers in Kansas City and is happily located in the heart of the city. Justine has been an artist all of her life and took advanced classes in drawing, painting, and sculpting, on the side through her studies.

She grew up in the beautiful city of Millburn, New Jersey and attended the University of Colorado Boulder, to pursue a career in Elementary education. Justine’s passion for Children was her inspiration to pursue this career, but after spending five years in the industry, she realized the focus in schools’ has shifted from the children’s interests, and decided to pursue her passion, photography.

Justine has taken Kansas City by storm together with her husband and two cats. She is here to stay and ready to show Kansas City what New Jersey has to offer. Her photography ranges from Nature, to Maternity, to Babies and Pets. She is a truly talented photographer that can capture the essence of a moment through a lens.

Her passion for children can be seen in her pictures, which are shifting toward Maternity and Newborns. When it comes to those precious moments of expecting a child or holding it that first week, whether it be your first or third, you want to capture the details… those fond moments you wish you could relive time and time again, and above all you want an image that will emblazon a memory deep in your brain that will take you to that very moment.

“Photography is a powerful medium that captures a moment in time that you and your family can cherish forever.  I love being a photographer because I get to show others how I see the world.  I love taking photos of people and making them look as beautiful and happy as they can be. ” -Justine Rae Cote, Photographer

Justine is able to capture those moments and is always happy knowing she can be the one to capture your family’s unique happiness. If not your family’s your pet’s. She has carefully captured personalities from curious kitties to cuddly pups and says it is always a challenge, but she loves the thrill of playing around to get that perfect shot. A vast majority of our memories are accessed through seeing something that reminds us of that moment, that feeling, that warmth, and photos are where most of them are embedded. One glance can engulf your heart or provide a sweet embrace, photos can be magic.

newborn photographyThe effect photos can have on us and what they mean to us cannot be trusted upon anyone. Many individuals are calling themselves photographers now a days because they have a fancy camera, but it takes more than that. Photography is not something that can just be perfected through skill, like all other arts it is something that requires talent, a passion born within and it is something Justine has known throughout the years and is blessed to be able to share this beautiful gift and use it to benefit the moments you want to cherish and the enhance the memories to come.

For more information Justine and the work she has done, you can contact her at (303) 746-7870, email her at or visit her website to take a look at her work.

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