Photography is a beautiful thing, the ability to capture a moment in time that will never again be the same and will be able to be relived time and time again. The task of doing this for someone on the most important day of their lives is not a task that should be taken lightly, and Amanda Eaton doesn’t. As a Wedding Photographer in Kansas City, Eaton is able to indulge in couple’s most important day of their live’s and immortalize those special moments.

“Truth: a lot goes into creating gorgeous photos full of style and honesty.  I want to capture real emotions in real circumstances of people I really know …I work hard getting to know my clients.  They are not just another date added to my calendar but an opportunity to pour my time, energy and passion into creating gorgeous images.  I take a limited number of portraits and weddings for this very purpose.” -Amanda Eaton

A lot goes into creating gorgeous photos that are full of style and emotion, and Eaton is able to capture real emotions in real circumstances with people she actually knows. She makes it a goal of hers to thoroughly know all of her clients in order to be able to show their personalities and feelings in every shot.  She never treats her clients like they are just another date on her calendar, but as an opportunity to pour her time, energy and passion into something that will not only turn out to be beautiful for years to come but as a project through which she can show the world what she is capable of. She rejoices in the beauty of the moment and reflects that joy through her work. She personally understands the beauty of small moments because she has a beautiful family of her own, and learning to capture those once in a lifetime moments is something that she knows very well.

004Centered in Kansas City and bent on a passion for creating stunning pieces that will make you feel in the moment 20 years from now,  Eaton has worked with many couples with engagement photos and wedding photography as well, as family shoots which are her favorite. Chasing kids around is fun to to her and very rewarding when she gets a great shot.

She has loved taking photos since she was a little girl and although she never thought she would be a photographer as a grown up, but destiny picks what it wants for us and it was in Amanda’s future to put her passion into work and now she brings happiness to all through her lens. With great prices and flexible options, she goes the extra mile to make those especial moments you are wanting to capture, unbelievably comfortable and flexible when it comes to locations and times. Once you take a look at her beautiful photos, and gotten a feel for her style, you will fall in love and won’t be able to wait to meet with her.

The best way to contact Amanda is to email her at since she is usually busy with her kiddos since she also home-schools. If you are wanting more information on weddings, or to view her portfolio, you can visit her website,

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