We find inspiration in many things, but specially the greats, great artists, great writers, great hearts… But when we find inspiration that helps us grow in an area we are truly passionate about, the results can be phenomenal. The level of quality achieved when one is truly passionate about their job is astounding and the lever of service in beyond measurability. Martha Burton is an Photojournalist and Architectural Photographer in Kansas City that has found inspiration in the work of the great French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

“All I know is that for me it is capturing the moment…maybe the moment that is all too often and too easily missed.” -Martha Burton

bressonproject14Being the master of candid photography and helping to develop street photography he has influenced generations of photographers with Burton being one of them, who has found Bresson to have helped her become quite a successful photographer that enjoys capturing the moment as it is. Although she finds great joy through her lens she is still trying to figure out what she likes about photography the most. What she does know is that the driving force behind her is knowing that she can capture that one moment, that moment that is all too ofter and too easily missed.

Burton is currently selling her art on Fine Art America, and is open to being hired for projects and hoping to get into the real estate photography market after successfully exploring architectural photography. As a Southern Baptist minister wife, and a mother of two she has a lot going on and finds time for herself through her photography and it allows her to express herself and her emotions through images that not only mean something to her but to all the others that get the chance to experience them.

Her family often inspires her work, but since she began working on a photographic Christian devotion book, her inspiration has been coming from a little higher. The way she plays with the light in her shots is amazing and she is always able to find shots that are unusual and unique.

In order to view or purchase her art, visit www.fineartamerica.com or email her to get to know her and her work at martha.burton@outlook.com.

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