1460003_10152392913448943_1702391930_nWe discover our talents at an early age, usually we are passionate about student council and boys, but to some people thats petty, since they’ve discovered a passion that burns bright and promising. Talent comes naturally and when nature comes calling you rarely ignore it. Kaley Hensel got her first camera in high school, and she quickly began exploring the many areas of photography and her lover for the art of photography grew fonder. As one of the youngest Portrait & Nature photographers in Kanas City, Hensel is flexible and can go practically anywhere in order to get the right shot.

As she continues to grow her portfolio, she continues to grow as a photographer. With much experience for her age, she knows that it takes much patience and dedication to achieve a great photo session and provide her customers with the best experience and quality of photos as possible.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” –Karl Lagerfeld

1474849_10152438785718943_1608825900_nHensel attends the University of Missouri as an undergrad and is getting ready to graduate, as her friends and family begin to look for graduation photographers she has her beautiful camera ready to go. With a vibrant energy and a need to explore, Hensel not only focuses on portrait photography, but enjoys capturing the beauty of the moment through beautiful photos of nature in its different seasons and in various areas around the country. She captures the best of the best as she travels North America and I kid you not when I say she always does it with a smile.

With no set price range or package deals, she charges according to what your needs are and provides that in a timely and properly fashion that has delighted so many of her customers, myself included. He passion is inspiring and her work is phenomenal. Candids are her favorite, since they really capture the essence of a moment, the true un-staged emotions and movement of a person. She truly loves what she does even if she only enjoys it as a hobby right now. Who knows, she might switch careers down the line, but for now she is content with her work and where she is.

Her work reflects her personality spontaneous and bright, the colors are always vibrant and the photo is always clean, sharp, and beautiful. The candids always turn out to be favorites. For a youngster in the field she knows what she is doing and she thoroughly enjoys it which always provides a high quality session and a high quality outcome.

For more information on Kaley Hensel’s work or to talk about booking a session you can contact her at (816) 797-5198.

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